Promotional Vans

Promotional Vans

Promotional vans are larger mobile signage solutions than bikes. They are great for areas of high visibility where space isn’t so much of an issue. Common locations for promotional vans are in car parks, lay-bys, at outdoor events and in public spaces. They are also capable of being used stationary, providing a more permanent medium of promoting your brand. With the added location and message flexibility, mobile advertising is a unique opportunity to attract the audience you desire. This makes them a very popular choice for many consumer targeted marketing campaigns.

We understand the importance of effective advertising and that is why we strive to deliver effective, compelling designs. We aim to match our creative flair with a robust and rigid design ensuring longevity. Our promotional vans provide businesses with the unique opportunity to deliver effective, compelling advertising at affordable costs. After the initial installation fee, the vehicle signage provides an ongoing advertising service with a minimal cost. Utilising your company vehicles allow for a mobile advertising unit raising brand awareness 24/7. Not only does it provide a medium of transport but also displays your brand as well.

USsigns specialise in providing effective yet affordable business signage that provides an excellent form of ongoing vehicle advertising. Below are some example of previous mobile advertising projects we have recently undertaken here at USsigns:

Mobile Advertising

Mobile signage advertising provides unique opportunities for brand exposure, customer interaction and promotion of new products. What makes them so effective as a form of advertising is the location flexibility. Promotional trailers also provide a unique opportunity for increasing product exposure.

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