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Promotional trailers are similar to promotional vans but with added flexibility. Promotional trailers provide an excellent marketing tool able to replace more conventional exhibition stands. They are perfect if a mobile sign needs to be left in a location for a period of time. These trailers can then be retrieved or moved to a new location at a later date when required. They have the capability to be parked on private property and are available for both short and long term use. As they are unmanned they can be left day and night so expanding the hours of potential exposure and advertising. They provide a unique opportunity and are commonly used for purposes such as product launches, events and openings.

Promotional trailers are a highly versatile mobile signage solution and can be used in car parks, lay-bys, at outdoor events and in public spaces. They provide an opportunity to increase brand awareness, increase customer interaction, launch new products and drive sales. Here at USsigns we combine rigid, robust design with a creative flair. Our creative team can design multiple designs for you ensuring you display the advertising you desire. We provide bespoke advertising designs that are independent to each customer situation. If you require forms of mobile advertising that are dependent upon length of time then we are also more than happy to help. If you require a shorter term option that provides more flexibility in terms of movement then perhaps a promo bike is the one for you. However, if you desire a longer term form of advertising we also provide a range of promo vans.

Here at USsigns we understand the importance of effective advertising and are experts in all aspects of mobile signage. Below are some examples of previous promotional trailers projects we have recently undertaken here at USsigns:

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USsigns are experts in various forms of mobile advertising. We offer a range of mobile solutions perfect at grabbing people’s attention and boosting a brands exposure. If you are interested in seeing how we can boost your companies presence contact USsigns today!

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