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Transform the way that your customers see your business and step into the 21st Century with cloud based digital signage solutions from USsigns.

Whether you are looking for personalised digital signage software to custom content, digital promo boards and touch-screen displays, we can provide a solution that meets your needs and requirements. With Cloud based Digital Signage solutions it means that content can be remotely controlled, bringing modern day technology to the forefront of what we do and supporting you as a customer as if we were right by your side every step of the way.


What is Digital Signage?

Digital advertising is becoming increasingly popular with companies looking to sell their products and services, and because of the freedom of what you can do content and image wise, it’s becoming the most engaging type of media out there.

It’s effective, flexible and puts you in the driving seat. Furthermore, as a we are a specialist division of Unsworth Sugden Group, a full-service marketing agency in Leicester,  we can provide creative advertising and result driven marketing, bringing you the perfect fit.

Can Digital Signage Save Me Money?

Yes, in the long run it can. With a digital screen solution, you will move away from the need for constant printing of banners or posters which in certain industries can be a weekly or even daily process.


Do You Have Any Examples of Digital Signage?

Take a look at our gallery which shows you some of our client’s digital signage setups, from House Builders who are utilising touch-screen displays through to leading Building Societies who have moved with the times in ditching printed posters in favour of eye-catching and animated digital signage.


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