Illuminated Signage

Illuminated Signage

Generally speaking illuminated signage is any sign that has a form of internal illumination mechanism. This allows greater exposure as ultimately you are far more likely to be noticed and stand out more. To ensure your business can be seen by vehicles driving by or from long distances on darker nights, illuminated LED signage is an excellent solution. A backlit sign attracts attention and helps catch the eyes of potential customers.

Our most popular illuminated signage is the light box, creating a striking glow using a translucent material to make lettering and branding stand out. Making for a profitable means of advertising your brand, the light box is therefore a highly-rated choice amongst the food and shopping industry within city centres.

Also proving to be an admired option is internally illuminated signs, accommodating built-up lettering internally lit with LED strips to light up your logo against a dark backdrop. All of our signage solutions provide a unique opportunity to gain greater exposure and boost brand presence.

USsigns provide many possibilities for lighting up your business. These include:

  • Light boxes
  • Internally illuminated lettering
  • External trough lights
  • Swan necks
  • LED signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Face lit signs
  • Edge lit signage
  • 3D signage
  • Illuminated built-up letters

We also offers alternative signage lighting options that can successfully illuminate standard fascia signs or external signage.

USsigns combine a creative flair with an effective and robust lighting mechanism. Below are some examples of recent illuminated signage projects we have undertaken:

Illuminated Signs

Whether it’s for interior or exterior signage, illuminated signage is entirely fitting. It is also acting in accordance with the necessary weather, heat and general health and safety requirements. There’s is also no need to limit your illuminated sign to after dark. Our inventive design in a broad palette of colours on a backlit sign can give your business a constant glow.

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